"We will…defeat you together…Get ready Madara!"
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If you don’t have a massive alternative universe in your head with developed people and stories you’re lying.

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Deredere:I wonder if senpai will notice me if I make him bento today!
Tsundere:I-it's not like I want senpai to notice me or anything...! He isn't that cool anyway!
Yandere:Senpai! I removed your girlfriend who was in the way of our fated love. Will you notice me now? Why won't you notice me, senpai!?
Dandere:I don't think senpai would notice me anyway, so it doesn't matter...
Kuudere:I don't really care whether senpai notices me or not.
Himedere:If senpai wants me to notice him, he better kneel down and lick my shoes.
Thugdere:Senpai a bitch ass nigga anyway, thats why I stole that niggas wallet

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"Who are we, if not measured by our impact on others? That’s who we are! We’re not who we say we are, we’re not who we want to be — we are the sum of the influence and impact that we have, in our lives, on others."
Neil deGrasse Tyson on Carl Sagan at yesterday’s Library of Congress event celebrating Sagan (via alesthetique)

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"Your skin feels like whiskey, and dear god, am I drunk."


cloud iridescence — caused as light diffracts through tiny ice crystals or water droplets of uniform size, usually in lenticular clouds — photographed by rolf kohl. (more cloud pics)

Which -dere do you think I am?


Tsundere - Hostile outside, loving on the inside

Yandere - Sweet outside, obsessive and psychoic inside

Kuudere - Silent/cool, turns loving afterwards

Dandere - Usually quiet until the right person comes along

Kamidere - Just like tsundere but has a god-like complex

Dorodere - Sweet outside, messed up and disturbed inside

Deredere - Loving and affectionate

Himedere- Just like tsundere, but princess-like

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This week, the Trust for Public Land donated nearly 6,000 acres of stunning coastal landscape in Santa Cruz County, California, that will now be managed by the BLM for public recreation and preservation of natural resources. Known as Coast Dairies land, the donation completes a long-term effort by partners and local communities to provide a natural landscape that can be experienced and enjoyed as public lands. 

BLM lands will connect the Coast Dairies shoreline beach, recently donated to California State Parks, to the Santa Cruz Mountains east of Highway 1. The landscape includes stunning coastal terraces, rolling pastoral grasslands, oak woodlands and redwood forest. Come #DiscoverTheCoast.

Photos by Jim Pickering, BLM

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The gang is back in Ikebukuro.


The gang is back in Ikebukuro.

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